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Recently, I came across an article from The Society for Human Resource Management that reports the average employee is only allotted 2-4 days off after a death of a loved one. My stomach churned as I went over the sentence again, making sure I had read it correctly.

The data is from their 2016 Paid Leave in the Workplace Survey. On average, workers receive 4 days paid bereavement leave for th

I observed that how robots are becoming a greater part of our workplace. And that’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that we need to get more comfortable with today’s technology concepts.

That’s why I’m very excited to share today’s interview with you.

Artificial intelligence refers to a collection of subfields thatsolve complex problems associated with

I like to think that we all know diversity in the workplace produces positive results to the bottom-line. But did you know that people are looking at a company’s diversity as part of their investment strategy? Morgan Stanley has produced a research piece titled “An Investor’s Guide to Gender Diversity”. It outlines their research showing that investors should look at

Gatling is an open source load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services, with a focus on web applications. It uses the actor model which consists in asynchronous parallel computing. The Actor implementation used in Gatling is Akka. In Gatling, scenarios are represented as easy-to-maintain scripts with a DSL (Domain Specific Language), written in Scala
API authorization is a top concern at Postman.
We’ve always built features to help you manage authorization for your protected resources, such as using environment variables with authorization types, saving authorization types to collection requests that generate a signature each time, and using authorization types in Newman.

But we realized we needed to do more. API authorization ca
If you are using Apache JMeter™ on a macOS machine, you probably encountered an annoying issue: double clicking on a JMeter JMX script doesn’t open JMeter GUI automatically! Instead, to open a JMX script in JMeter you have to open the terminal, navigate to your bin folder, run the / command, click the ‘Open’ button in JMeter and choose your JMX script.

While the main purpose of Apache JMeter™ is load testing, its functionality enables it to be used for security and automation testing as well. Security testing intends to uncover vulnerabilities of the system and determine that its data and resources are protected from possible intruders. In this article, we will explore the different areas of security testing where the tool can be applied.
We will focus on functional testing REST APIs with JSON responses, since this is a common practice in most applications. Nowadays, most developers prefer to use REST API to access web services. This can be used, for example, to pass data from backend services to mobile devices. We will then parse the response with a JSON extractor.
First, make sure you have JMeter installed on your compu
When testing your APIs, web service or other system parts, you might need to record or retrieve data from a database. The purpose of this interaction is to check the correct record of specific data in the DB or to prepare test data for the tests by adding specific records to the database. This article will show you how to check, update, and add entries to your database by using Apache JMeter&trad
Why opt for expensive commercial tool licensing and maintenance, when free tools are available in the market. All you need to put in is a little bit of planning and effort.

Jmeter is one of the best leading performance testing tools from Apache open source community. With great community support, the tool supports continuous releases, improvement and meets the needs of the testers along with
The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML-based format for describing the functionality of a web service. A WSDL web service is a web service that works according to rules described in a WSDL file.

Web services provide public information like the weather, converting and validating information and so on. In these cases, this information is available for anonymous users. However, i
The Random CSV Data Set plugin is a new Apache JMeter™ plugin that I developed (released November 2017), which solves data driven testing needs. The Random CSV Data Set Config plugin provides the capability to parameterize your Test Plan from a CSV file in random order of records. Until now, JMeter users who used the default CSV Data Set Config element could only read records in sequential
Compensation can include monetary and non-monetary components. Compensation often includes an employee’s base salary and additional benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans and performance bonuses. The compensation packages a business offers to employees affects the company’s recruitment rate, retention rate and employee satisfaction. Several federal laws affect the compen
How OpenID Works

First we need to learn a few definitions:
OP - OpenID Provider, a server that is capable of authenticating the user and providing claims to a Relying Party (RP)
RP - Relying Party, a client application requiring user authentication and claims from an OpenID Provider.
Claims - part of the information about a user or organization
Endpoint - a protected resource that
There are two MAIN factors that will help you achieve success in e-commerce – understanding who your customers are and solving their problems before they arise. It’s the only way your site will achieve the best conversions every time.

That’s why marketers pay so much attention to persona research. Understand the different online shopper personas, and you know what motivates
There are lots of ways that technology can make your customer service experience better. Now, there are ways to instantly respond to customers with iChat services as well as email responses to questions, and online forums to offer solutions to common problems. But one thing that many businesses may have not devoted enough energy to is mobile responsiveness.

If your communications and website
Higher conversion rates, quality leads, and increased revenues are some of the key parameters that determine the success of your eCommerce store. With the use of OpenCart, you can create a visually appealing site using its simple and intuitive user interface. It is an open-source eCommerce platform that allows business leaders, merchants or retailers to create an interactive online store in a mat
Just a few seconds after browsing Instagram for the first time, you notice that it’s simply not like any other social media platform out there.
There are a few things that stimulate any marketer’s mind about Instagram - visuals, hashtags, and ads.

In this article, we will talk about how important it is to add Instagram to your social media toolbox and how brands are trans
Putting an effective ecommerce shipping strategy in place is one of the most impactful steps you can take to grow your business online.

While many brands start out in ecommerce by taking a simplistic approach to shipping –– like offering free shipping across the board or showing unmodified UPS or USPS rates –– the most successful merchants use strategic shipping option
You might have heard Organizational Reporting Chart System in HR and have wondered how does it work? In this article we will clear all your doubts regarding Organizational Reporting Chart System and will also let you know what its connection with Performance Appraisal is. So here we go.

The Organizational Reporting Chart System describes the organizational entire structure in more efficient a
Every organization is running after human talents in order to get them rolled in their organization. The main aim behind these things is to capture more number of market shares and this could not be possible with a pool of talents. But now the question arises that why any individual will join an organization if the person is getting a number of offers. What will keep him remain associated with th
Imagine you’re working for an organisation where every month you are calculating your own pay. Then you’re getting it approved from your superior, who in turn gives it to someone else for approval and then you finally get your pay? Yeah… Who does that, right? I mean, which company would do that? None that I know of! That’s because all good companies have a pretty sorted p
Here are 12 reasons why you should use a Performance Management Software:

Employees can review themselves
Performance management software allows employees to feel like they have a voice too. When employees get the chance to express their views and place their case in point, it makes them feel important. This can lead to an improvement in their performance knowing that their work and opinio
Imagine you’re working for an organisation where every month you are calculating your own pay. Then you’re getting it approved from your superior, who in turn gives it to someone else for approval and then you finally get your pay? Yeah… Who does that, right? I mean, which company would do that? None that I know of! That’s because all good companies have a pretty sorted p
Managing a global workforce isn’t easy. In a business with geographically dispersed staff, HR practitioners have to cope with the challenges of managing people consistently against a backdrop of different languages, different currencies and different working patterns – not to mention employment law that varies widely from country to country.

So why is it that when it comes to impr
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Payroll Software Defined

Payroll software is a type of software that assists with compensating employees for time worked. This software can be purchased through a HR software vendor or can be included as part of a HR software package as a module within a comprehensive system.

Basically, payroll software helps with calculating paychecks from hours logged in time and attendance trackin
Considering that managers spend on average about 4 hours on a performance appraisal for a single employee and assuming an average team size of 7 team members, that’s a lot of work. Especially if you remember how little you actually got out of your performance evaluation. Often feedback is highly generic and doesn’t provide actionable steps employees can transform into learning and dev
Keeping records and sharing information is a key component of healthcare. In the past, these tasks were completed using paper and pen, as well as word-of-mouth. As time went on, newer technologies, such as electronic health record systems, became available to healthcare organizations. Soon, however, healthcare workspaces will be the new standard for organizations in this industry.

What are Wo
In terms of their power to redefine the computing experience alone, workspaces bring with them a wide range of different benefits that cannot be ignored. Chief among them is the fact that they allow you to move away from the natural limitations of hardware into an era where any app can run on any machine, no exceptions.

Many people believe that workspaces can currently only be enjoyed by larg
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What is Payroll?

Payroll is the process by which employers pay an employee for the work they have completed. Any business with employees should have a payroll established. Although, payroll seems like a mundane task, it involves many aspects including, withholding taxes from each paycheck and making sure accurate funds are paid to the correct government agency.

Payroll duties can cre
You’re looking for a new solution for your business operations, and surely you want it to be as efficient and effective as possible. How do you know whether to keep these functions in house or partner with a managed service provider?

There are pros and cons to each. And businesses of all shapes and sizes are dedicating significant time to determine whether in-house or outsourced IT serv
Most businesses today are using some sort of cloud platform. Some studies indicate that “by 2020, 80% of large enterprises will have migrated communications and collaboration infrastructure to cloud architecture, whether UCaaS, private or a hybrid cloud, up from 35% in 2016”.

Cloud communications is an entirely new way to build, deploy, and scale enterprise communications systems.
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I have seen many “Agile teams” working quietly without talking to their teammates. Every day they are at work sharp 10 AM, pick up a user story from the backlog, finish it and go. Their interaction with other team members is limited. But each one is really happy as the are achieving something. This is where the line separating the “groups” and “teams gets blurred.
As a leading player in the technology consulting space globally, we duly recognize every individual’s talent and enable them to lay a major milestone on the most important path – the career trajectory. Devlogic Technologies is known to have an uncompromised commitment to its employees and there is a constant endeavor to prove enriching experiences and rewarding career experiences to p
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