While working with a group of Millennials, I heard a new term – “Employer Brand.” I felt the generational gap when a new term to me actually has its own Wikipedia page. As they discussed the topic further, I learned there is a sharp focus by interviewees and recruiters alike on the equity a company demonstrates to potential new hires through the recruiting and interview process.
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HR departments is achieving team effectiveness. But how do we measure this?

Team effectiveness and performance evaluation have always been hot buzzwords in the industry. Leaders of those teams often ask “How do we enhance the performance of our team?” The question then posed in return by trainers and consultants alike would be: “Which aspects do you need to improve on?&rdquo
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It wasn’t the book that caught my attention but the extract from it headlined “4 Things Every Team Needs”.

The extract shared that no matter the size of a team, the four things it needs to succeed are:

A meaningful common purpose
Specific performance goals
Commitment to how the work gets done
Mutual accountability
I was intrigued because it was very much in line with wha
Hiring the traditional route by using just a resume and interview are quickly becoming archaic. It is time to give hiring for your team the importance it deserves…and it is easier than you think.

When looking to hire, look at the motivations of that new hire. Motivations are a critical element to hiring in today’s labor market. By digging deep and looking at what drives employees

We believe that the most valuable resources an organization has are its human resources. And we believe in showing employees how valuable they are to the organization. That’s why we encourage offering valuable benefits and perks to employees and why we have created a culture of appreciation within our own company.

It’s a philosophy that’s not necessarily new—the i
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API is a common term these days, you must have heard this term. APIs have made coding faster for many developers. Also, it provides a window of using a single code in more than one application to perform similar tasks. The APIs are also used by the developers to use functionality of one solution within another solution by integrating that API in the existing code. The integrated API will bes

Life of a Software Product under Test
The lifecycle of a product starts once the business requirements are obtained from the client. The concerned team which is responsible for it will do a thorough analysis of the same and further design the technical specifications.

These specifications will help the technicians or developers to kick-start their job in software development. Steps in
I have unlocked a pattern from my experience of hiring around hundred testers over a period of time and interviewing some thousand others.

But let me also share the other side of the story, the patterns I am talking about. It makes me sad.

I never feel happy watching potential performers being locked into a virtual cage of responsibilities. I feel discontent seeing the rock stars perform
Last year I spent a few months doing research into the education technology space. I had heard something interesting – from this year, all Australian children as young as prep (5 years old) will start to be taught programming as a core subject at school. That means it is given as much importance in the school curriculum as other core subjects, like Mathematics and Science. This education in
There’s a long list of programming languages that continue to exist with their strengths and flaws, making our lives easier. Over the course of past 20 years, Java has proved that it’s one of the best programming languages around. However, I strongly don’t believe in any type of competition between different programming languages.

1. Tons of resources to learn Java

Here’s why marketing and project management aren’t two mutually exclusive disciplines, and how they’re more like a Venn diagram with lots of common ground in the middle.

Results mean everything.
Our results will almost always have a huge impact on what our marketing efforts look like in the future. Past results will often determine how big or small our budget is for the next
If you’re going to run a race, you should see it through all the way to the finish line.
Many marketers fail to apply that principle when it comes to split testing. They think their test is complete before they’ve let it run the course.

They pull out too soon. They end too early. They quit before it’s done.

What happens when tests are finished prematurely?
The n
We are in an era of automation everywhere!

He also added saying that we are getting into a generation where there will be applications developed specifically for the work to be done easily and efficiently. I totally agree with that and believe that we are highly dependent on minimizing our work efforts with the help of various tools.

The gyration of the effort reducing applications are w
End-to-end testing is a process of testing an application from all the layers – right from the front-end to all the way through the back-end, its interfaces, and final endpoints. Performing end-to-end testing ensures that the application is tested from the users and real world scenarios which helps control and avoid risks by allowing test engineers to:
Check and perform testing of
Yoga is something India is proud to pass on to the West (now world), and they have embraced it with all the vigour. Yoga poses and practices help to improve stamina, strength, flexibility and also mental wellbeing.
As the countdown to the International Yoga Day (June 21) begins, let’s take a look at Yogasanas that takes care of your overall well-being.

1 Om Mantra:
For practicing &lsquo
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Work capacity is the most important factor in training that people know nothing about.

First, let me just start off with a working definition of work capacity and an explanation of why it’s so important. Work capacity is, essentially, the total amount of work you can perform, recover from, and adapt positively to.

The total volume of work you expose your body to essentially determi
So how does this new light-based system work? It all hinges on the unique properties of LED lamps. Though you’ve probably never noticed it, the bulbs flicker on and off thousands of times a second, a rate imperceptible to the human eye but one that generates a frequency readable by machines. This frequency is incredibly fast, especially compared to the radio waves used for conventional wire
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People concerned about automation killing jobs might look at Helpshift's strategy and similar automation approaches. By enabling businesses to build help or support into mobile apps, these new models are re-inventing support to get the job done.

Sure, they provide automated support in lieu of conventional agents, but they do so
At its core, business continuity is a simple concept with a single mission of enabling businesses to continually deliver their services in the event of a disaster. In a traditional on-premise environment, all of your data – including backups – is stored locally. While this is satisfactory to a certain extent, it leaves far too much to chance.

What happens if one of your servers fa
In the world of business, success boils down to how prepared you are to meet the challenges that you may face in the future. It’s a simple concept that is true regardless of the industry you’re operating in and is something that many companies turn to technology to help them handle. Though it may seem logical to rely on hardware to meet those needs, this isn’t actually the path
Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. This technology improves security for both businesses and consumers.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?
Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. During this process, the user typically provides information, such as a password or pin
How to make your tech team future ready

Amidst the buzz that automation and digitization will replace jobs; it becomes imperative to ensure that your tech team is updated with skills that future job requires.

“Automation will take your job away”
”Robots will make humans redundant”
”Digitization will disrupt the wo
Process Automation has touched new heights in recent times, it is one of the most exciting technologies in Business Process Management (BPM). When we talk about automation/RPA/RDA, we generally think of robots, but automation plays a key role in the front office too. Front office automation can completely transform how companies communicate or engage with their customers. Within the front office,
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Medium has grown into a community of writers, bloggers, journalists, and experts. It is an easy-to-use blogging platform with limited social networking features.

 Medium is easy to use, with no setup required and no coding skills needed.
 It allows you to reach an existing online community of people of similar interests.
 You can focus solely on
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Finally, visitors who are looking to make a choice tend to use decision-oriented keywords. These keywords tend to include phrases like "best", "cheapest", or "closest" - they're looking for a specific attribute, and chances are they'll convert into a customer if you can convince them you have that attribute.

The decision ready customer is quite desirable however don't concentrate solely on th
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When visitors are at this stage of the Buyer's Journey, your goal is to use your professional services blogging and convince them that your services can offer some sort of real benefit to them.
Long-tail keywords at this stage tend to be more focused and specific, like "ROI for accounting services".

In this case, somebody would be looking for a financial breakdown of how outsourcing accoun
Sonal Gosavi posted Jul 31 '17 at 4:50 pm
When customers are in the awareness stage, they tend to use relatively generic search terms. They might use phrases like "Accounting for Small Businesses" or "Consulting for Biotechnology".

When using professional services blogging to attract people in this stage, focus on answering their questions and helping them get a better understanding of what your company does.

It’s not only the actual cyber-attack, but the time it takes for an enterprise to detect it that poses a greater threat and causes harm – by increasing the impact of the breach. With a delayed response, an attacker gains access to more systems and may steal intellectual property, key financial information, sensitive personal data of customers, and more. Research from FireEye,suggests
Conduct Parallel Testing
Agile development is all about continuous releases in a number of iterations which is the reason test automation team often miss out on quality objectives. In cases where there are more sprints requiring fixing, it becomes even more difficult to devote time identifying, fixing and testing each iteration. This is why it is important to allocate proper time for testing a
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