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Effective communication is critical to doing business. According to a study by Hart Research Associates, 93 percent of employers consider good communication skills to be more important than the major of a college graduate. HR Magazine reported that, in a survey of 4,000 employees, participants estimated they lost 40 minutes of productivity each day trying to interpret unclear directions.

A leader has to be a person capable of juggling many huge demands at a time, they have to consider the opinions, needs, and wants of all around them. They need to be a person not only capable of making difficult decisions, but the right difficult decision. At the same time, they need to know how to look after their team, while pushing them forward to achieve greatness.

Is leadership in born?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you overcome your fear of public speaking:

1. Prepare yourself mentally and physically
According to experts, we’re built to display anxiety and to recognize it in others. If your body and mind are anxious, your audience will notice. Hence, it’s important to prepare yourself before the big show so that you arrive on stage confident, collect

Of course, we don’t have the supervisor’s side of the story, and I’m sure the company has their perspective. So even though we might not be able to address some specifics, I think this scenario raises some great questions about codes of conduct and progressive discipline.

To help us understand this matter, I asked our friend Kate Bischoff to share her knowledge. Kate is

You’ve heard me say before that one of the worst things organizations can do is ask employees for feedback and then not do anything with it. This HR Bartender reader knows it’s true and is wondering what to do about it.

"About four months ago, I incorporated ‘Feedback Friday’ at my organization, and have received very positive comments. However, I still struggle o
Megha Sanap posted Apr 25 '18 at 2:59 pm
Agile Frameworks and the lack of test expertise

There are several agile frameworks available for implementation to guide the agile transformation. I have not experienced many frameworks myself, but I have experienced several implementations in an agile organizations. One core theme in the agile movement is that everyone should test and no single person is responsible for quality. This is grea
It looks, the next Windows 10 feature update would bring faster ways for users to connect their Bluetooth-enabled devices. Spotted by Thurrott in Windows 10 Preview Build 17046, Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 Bluetooth feature called Quick Pair.
Quick Pair would allow users to jump the tedious process of searching for Bluetooth devices and pressing buttons on peripherals in order to conn
Most of you might be knowing that the websites you visit use third-party analytics scripts to record your visits and the pages you open. This anonymous statistics collection is pretty standard stuff. However, in recent past, there has been an increase in the number of sites using “session replay” scripts, which can record your keystrokes, mouse clicks, scrolling, etc., and send them t
Performance Priorities
Performance was once regarded as one of the other features of an application. Now-a-days it is considered as an important characteristic of an application. Performance has a significant impact on the productivity of any enterprise.

Principles of Performance Tuning
JBoss EAP is an integrated Java Enterprise Edition application and service hosting platform. It actua
Too-accommodating decoding libraries
Tests for such obscure errors are difficult to write. Generally, the best course is exploratory testing. In such cases, effective exploratory testing generally involves crafting problematic data, and seeing whether the API under investigation unequivocally rejects them.

Test the logger
Real-world services are under constant attack. Logging and good
TIP #1: write tests
The first step to API testing is to actually do it. Without good tests, it’s impossible to have full confidence in your API’s behavior, consistency, or backward compatibility. As your codebase grows and changes over time, tests will save you time and frustration by spotting breaking changes.

TIP #2: don't mix tests and documentation
Many people use Postma
Meet With Client End Users and Review Requirements
As you’re finalizing requirements with your team and the client, it might be a good idea to meet with the actual end users to discuss review those requirements. You might end up saving your client or department a lot of dollars in rework by confirming that the requirements really do match up well with what the end users’ need. You
From finding cheap deals to avoiding the crowds, there are plenty of reasons to do your shopping online rather than on the high street.

Online shopping is easy.So, what’s stopping you? Here are our favorite reasons why you should shop online:

1. Carrying things is a thing of the past

Staggering home with 10 supermarket shopping bags is a pain – especially when they cost 5p
To attract capable employees to the organisation
To motivate them toward superior performance
To retain their services over an extended period of time
To establish a positive corporate reputation
To increase or maintain morale/satisfaction
To achieve internal and external equity
To reduce turnover and encourage company loyalty

While automating the testing process, there is a certain amount of collaborative effort required from everyone in the agile team. This is an important prerequisite to successful automation of the testing process. QA engineers need to keep a track on any task that has a repetition of more than two times within a short period of time. These tasks would all need to be automated, preferably with a we
Time and Quality matters a lot in software releases. DevOps aims at achieving this. DevOps is relatively new to the industry but is catching up really fast. The reason is that, it promotes integration and communication between the application development team and the systems operations team resulting in development of faster and better software.

However, in DevOps trust plays a vital role. Yo
Open Source Innovation and Open Source Innovation platforms have been constantly creating news over a period of time. However, it isn’t a levity anymore to be ignored, as today enterprises of all shapes and sizes are considering Open Source for development and exploring various testing needs. The key reason is that open innovation fades the differences/gaps between companies, experts from v
“UI automation testing is time consuming, boring and expensive.” If you believe this, you will soon change your perception by the end of this article.

Most testers say that they find creating and executing UI testing manually more easily and speedily compared to the automated ones. The only reason is the challenges that it comes with.

You have often experienced various UI comm
The IT department is now the primary driver for how fast a business can respond to the market and drive new competitive advantages. IT professionals started to change the way they are managing the projects in their own industry, and managing methods are now constantly changing and improving. The leaders in the Information Technology industry were forced to invent and offer different and more powe

Compensation management is an integral process in any business and should be seen as much more than simply paying employees a set rate for an agreed upon workload. Employees depend on their income to support their lifestyles and families. As such, compensation management can play a big role in acquiring top talent, keeping employees satisfied, and ultimately in keeping employees.

1. Orga
There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organizations overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.
Employee engagement is a situation where workers feel mentally and emotionally connected to their jobs, their managers, their co-workers and to the organization’s vision, mission and goals. They
Prashant Koli posted Aug 2 '17 at 7:07 pm
Software QA/Testing Services
DevLogic Technologies has been involved in software quality assurance services since we started our business in 2016. We provide clients with a wide range of testing services, from individual testers who manually execute existing Test Cases, to being fully involved in a client’s software development lifecycle an
Prashant Koli posted Aug 2 '17 at 6:47 pm


Let DevLogic Technologies help you create applications that fit your unique requirements and support your business. You can focus on running the business; we’ll make sure the applications scale with your business demands. We use the latest development methods, giving you the confidence and the quality of wor
Shraddha Naikwadi posted Aug 2 '17 at 6:46 pm
The Node.js first Desktop Automation Library used is robot-js.

It controls the mouse, keyboard and read the screen.
Easy to use: Prebuilt binaries allow you to install without compiling!
Open Source ,Licened under MIT and hosted on GitHub.
Cross Platform such as Mac, Windows, and Linux supported!
robots.js — is parser for robots.txt files for node.js

It's recommended to install via

Work days have always been long, and most office employees spend at least eight hours sitting at keyboards, typing away on their computers, but standards for office culture have begun to change over the last few years. Office managers have realized that a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

As a result, offices look different. New companies and recently renovated office spaces pre
Prashant Koli posted Aug 2 '17 at 6:44 pm
With more and more of us using mobile phones and tablets to make purchases, book holidays, make appointments and even do our daily banking, applications are becoming increasingly necessary for many different companies as a way to connect with customers. Organizations are also using mobile apps to increase employee producti
Prashant Koli posted Aug 2 '17 at 6:42 pm

We understand that developing your product is not just about creating a piece of software, it’s about introducing innovation and a competitive advantage in a market where demands change rapidly.

Using DevLogic Technologies product development services can help you adopt the latest technologies and reduce t

For some odd reasons, I feel I’ve had a pretty good career to date.

I’ve had a successful business.
I’ve done the corporate thing.
I’ve been an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur.
I’ve done the side-hustle-internet-business thing.

After all of these pursuits, I began to evaluate what worked and what didn’t. I studied what people succeeding i
Prashant Koli posted Aug 2 '17 at 6:37 pm

Payroll Software
Automatically calculate salaries, accounting for taxes, statutory deductions, reimbursements, loans and bonuses through our intuitive HR software.
Time & Attendance
Our cutting edge HR software platform enables you to monitor employee daily clock-in and clock-out times and sync with payroll
Leave Tracking
Maintain up-to-date leave balances based on auto
Nightwatch.js is an easy to use Node.js based End-to-End (E2E) testing solution for browser based apps and websites. It controls the Selenium standalone server automatically.

Main Features:

Clean syntax: Simple but powerful syntax which enables you to write tests very quickly, using only Javascript (Node.js) and CSS or Xpath selectors.
Built-in test

Implementing a web-based human resources management system (HRMS) can help just about any company to function more efficiently. While the benefits to employers are extensive, there are also many ways in which a web-based HRMS can make employees’ lives easier. Having a simple, web-based solution for different aspects of human resources can increase employee morale and sometimes even hel
Payroll software offers lots of different advantages – for the user, the employees and the company (of all sizes). This article looks at some of the most obvious advantages to expect when you make use of payroll software.

1. Employee calendars

Available with some payroll software solutions, employee calendars give you a super easy way to manage sick leave, absences and overtime. In
In the world of business technology, productivity is king. Any step required to allow your employees to do more with less, to work smarter not harder, and to be productive anytime and anyplace is a step you need to take.

This is a large part of the reason why workspaces are so popular these days – they let you do all this and more on your own terms. Before you make the move towards impl
Cybersecurity is an investment for your business, the same as anything else. Part of making sure that an investment is successful will always come down to guaranteeing that your hard-earned money is going to the right places.

This is especially true in terms of digital protection, as if you do unfortunately fall victim to a hacking attempt or other cyber incident it could cost your business d
We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. Each year, the average cost of a data breach rises to record highs with no end in sight. Cyber attacks are becoming more common with each passing day.

In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keep

Knowledge transfer refers to the systems used by a company to spread knowledge from one part of an organization to another. Knowledge transfer is most critical when new employees have been hired or when internal aspects of an organization have changed. Having an effective system for knowledge transfer in place can help organizations to continue to survive and thrive after older employees ret
One of the major reasons that many companies balk at the idea of managed IT services has to do with control, or a perceived lack thereof. Some just aren’t comfortable giving up control over their IT infrastructure to a third party. While this is certainly understandable to a certain extent, it overlooks the variety of benefits that a company can expect to receive in return. Here are a few a
We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. Each year, the average cost of a data breach rises to record highs with no end in sight. Cyber attacks are becoming more common with each passing day. In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping
In today’s world, the challenge of staying up-to-date with the latest technology can seem overwhelming at times. Business owners — especially small business owners — may feel that they’re doomed to be lagging when it comes to the latest technology because they simply can’t afford it. However, this does not have to be the case thanks to the help of a managed service p
Mobile application integration is an important component of an organization’s overall business strategy. In this post, I shall discuss the advantages of mobile application integration, and how it is proving to be the future of digital business.
Mobile application integration lets you integrate your mobile applications with your existing or any third party systems. This is certainly an in
5 reasons why personality tests should be part of hiring process

If you haven't had to take a personality assessment yet during an employment search, chances are you soon will. Read on to know more.

There was a time when the only few factors were considered while evaluating potential candidates were a typo-free resume, performance in a personal interview and some good references.
4 proven strategies that boost your persuasiveness

With dynamic changes in the business world, people are recognizing persuasion as a critical and must-have skill. Clearly, formal authority and issuing orders no longer gets managers as far as it used to. So how can managers become talented persuaders?

"The secret is to always let the other man have your way." -Claiborne Peel Six mon
Being productive at work: Avoiding disturbances

Practical insights on unwanted workplace chit-chats

A survey by Sapience Analytics, a Pune-based technology firm, has found out that every 11th minute, you are disrupted by either a ping on your chat window, a beep on your Smartphone or a message alert? And to add to this, it takes a good 25 minutes before you return to your workstation.

The Weekly self-evaluation Tool Your Title Here...
What would you think of a weekly self-evaluation tool as a means to achieve business excellence? Read on to find it how DevLogic did it.
PULSE: A brief background
DevLogic Technological was facing certain challenges in the earlier part of this decade because of transition in its business model coupled with issues like rupee depreciation,
New-age Technology Driven HR Practices
Data analytics, AI, Machine Learning have no more remained words used by the technology or business development teams in a company. In fact, they are very much on the agenda of an HR as well since the time it donned the role of strategic HR from being plain and traditional HR.

The influx of new technologies has dramatically reshaped the workplaces of to
The Team Members You Attract
If one looks closely, it will be easy to decode a pattern in the kind of team members all leaders appear to attract. So, what kind of team members you attract?

So, what kind of team members do you attract? If one looks closely, it will be easy to decode a pattern in the kind of team members all leaders appear to attract. There shall be distinct signs of common th
With the proliferation of cloud services, enterprises want to take advantage of new offerings and better prices at any time. Unfortunately, the more dependent an enterprise becomes on a particular cloud provider and its native services, the harder it is to move applications.

Lock-in risks are high in cloud -- not just with vendors but also with models. With a private cloud, enterprises can be
Cloud trick No. 1: Customize your console
Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have consoles that provide a master control view of resources on their clouds. With them, you can see what’s available and what you have already provisioned.
Most public cloud IaaS consoles let you configure your console via drag and drop, so the more-accessed services are at the top. But this customized
admin posted Feb 21 '17 at 1:51 pm

DevLogic Softwares is mindful of providing efficient and quality work while designing software according to your budget and timeframe. You can trust us as your number one custom software development company. From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development that matches your vision, Orient Software has the experience to deliver cost-effective
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