During my first semester of college, I applied for a social media marketing internship with a small, local marketing company. It was my first office job. Four years have gone by and I’m still with that same company. Only I’m no longer an intern, I’m now the Office Manager and head of HR.

When I first started as an intern, there were only four part time employees. We were all
When it comes to assessment, companies look to review every aspect of the organization, some using a comb with fine enough teeth to catch every minute detail. P&L statements, earnings reports, revenue numbers, and other financial elements are scrutinized (and rightfully so) to an incredible degree. But what about assessing the very generators of these results – your workforce?

Is there a key to hiring the right candidate? I recently spoke with our resident hiring experts. He pointed out a clear insight that many companies fail to actually do… even though it seems like a very obvious way to hire effectively. I’m talking about hiring for what you actually need. Going beyond the interview or beyond the job description to select candidates based on the qualiti
The use of hiring assessments is on the rise. One of the major contributing factors to this trend is that employers are finding many traditional approaches to hiring such as resume reviews, to be time consuming and unreliable. In fact, research indicates that 78 percent of resumes contain misleading information, while 46 percent contain inaccuracies.

Even if you are able to glean accurate and
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Back in the days of the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of mass production, focus was on efficiency, scale, quality control, and essentially getting “stuff” made. Employees worked on production lines, performing the same tasks over and over, and work was a means to an end. A way to support yourself and your family. Management was command and control, and I would guess there was
Bridging the gender gap in technology has been one of the main narratives in the call for equality for quite a number of years now. Advocating for the development of the skills and careers of women in tech creates a larger workforce, which ultimately improves innovation and business performance. It is to be acknowledged that we have seen some wins for women in the tech world, with more and more f
Automation Team Rolling Out Test Automation Project by Project
The best piece of advice I can give is to start with the small things, then go big. The proven first practice is to start by creating an automation team.

I recommend starting with the most impactful test cases: the ones that cover your top business risks. This creates the foundation for a powerful regression portfolio tha
Pair testing can help you speed up your test assignment and provide more quality to your test results. But who can do pair testing, and when should they do it? And what kind of pair testing is best for your situation?

Who Can Do Pair Testing
Pair testing with a developer or with another tester happens quite often, but note that these are not the only disciplines that can do it.

The tes
There’s something innately uplifting about a good TED talk, and at the end of a year and the start of a new one, uplifting is what we need!

Here are some of the TED talks from this year that caught our eye in 2017. They’ve been selected because they are relevant to all of us that work with people, and can help motivate you for whatever you want to achieve in 2018.
How to
One more thing is coming to add to the capabilities of the recently released Firefox 57 aka Firefox Quantum.
Mozilla is working on a new feature for Firefox, dubbed Breach Alerts, which will warn users when they visit a website, whether it was hacked in the past or not.

Mozilla has teamed up with the website “Have I Been Pwned” whose data will be used to notify users about any
When Windows 10 arrived, doing away with Windows Updates seemed like an impossible task. But later, with FCU, Microsoft added the functionality to delay Windows 10 updates by up to 365 days.
This feature is helpful in the case of Windows 10 machines in corporate environments which have to be verified for software compatibility before installing an update.

For users running the Fall Creator
In order to become a better programmer, you need to be really good at the data structure, algorithms, designing using OOPS, multi-threading and various programming concept e.g. recursion, divide and conquer, prototyping, and unit testing. Programming is a combination of many skills, which means it's not possible to learn it in quick time, rather it will come with time and experience, but that won
How To Get Buy-In On Your Project Plan
This means good negotiation is a necessary part of a successful project plan. You’ll need to do a few things before you even start your plan.

Fulfillment. Teammates need to be heard. Like it or not, emotions play a powerful role in successful projects. Teammates are willing to move heaven and earth for you when they know you have their bac
Prioritizing a project is inevitable
Projects are completed by people, that’s the obvious part that everyone knows. Here’s the part people working on projects don’t know or won’t accept:

Your projects will be prioritized.
Micromanagers and overreaching executives The manager who continually changes his mind about the work that you’ve done. The executi
Project Management Basics: Plan your Work

Identify Activities Needed To Reach Your Goals
To successfully deliver your project or meet your targets, you need to know what’s included in the work. Make sure you have a good understanding of what’s to be delivered and all the tasks included to get you there.

Create a Schedule
When you and your team have identified the tasks
Authoritarian management styles
Managers who are high in conscientiousness and possibly low in agreeableness tend to prefer authoritarian management styles. These managers tend to be industrious, orderly, candid, and less trusting.

Extroverted management styles
Managers who are high in agreeableness and possibly high in extraversion far more likely to prefer these management styles. Th
Email communication, like all communication, is about influencing the mind.
Here are five psychological hacks to improve the efficiency of your email communication:

Always Communicate with Certainty
When there is a sense of certainty, the communication is taken more seriously. The Amplification Hypothesis states that when you express a particular attitude with certainty, the attit
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The network is the foundation for everything a digital enterprise builds to drive its business forward. And as the business demands more agility, flexibility, reliability, and security than ever before, it has become clear that networking has been left behind in today’s world of automation, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI).

“Networking missed out on the evol
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Inexpensive cameras that make spherical images are opening a new era in photography and changing the way people share stories.
Seasonal changes to vegetation fascinate Koen Hufkens. So last fall Hufkens, an ecological researcher at Harvard, devised a system to continuously broadcast images from a Massachusetts forest to a website called VirtualForest.io. And because he used a camera that
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Face-detecting systems in now authorize payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals.

Shortly after walking through the door at Face++, a Chinese startup valued at roughly a billion dollars, I see my face, unshaven and looking a bit jet-lagged, flash up on a large screen near the entrance.

Having been added to a database, my face now provides automatic access to the bu
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Compensation system plays vital role in a business organization. Since, among four Ms, i.e. Person, Material, Machine and Money, Person has been most important factor, it is impossible to imagine a business process without Men. Every factor contributes to the process of production/business. It expects return from the business process such as rent is the return expected by the landlord, capitalist
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Compensation includes topics in regard to wage and/or salary programs and structures, for example, salary ranges for job descriptions, merit-based programs, bonus-based programs, commission-based programs, etc. (Also see the Related Info (including Benefits).)

Compensation is payment to an employee in return for their contribution to the organization, that is, for doing their job. The most co
1. Comparison Shopping
One of the reasons people cite most often for shopping online is that they can review and compare dozens of stores and products at once.
Rather than having to travel from store to store or aisle to aisle, We simply navigate from one web page to the next comparing the stores and the wares of those stores.
Also search for reviews of your products, compare price, qual
Agile coaches perform an assessment of an organization’s current overall Agile maturity and identify problem or improvement areas along with a roadmap. To arrive at this, they closely observe and record the workings of the teams on a day to day basis over a period of time. They pay close attention to the way the teams (product owners, development teams, scrum masters, managers, leaders and
Test automation tools are grabbing the eyeballs of the various enterprises in order to utilize its benefits and to speed up the project deliveries. However, we have been trying our hands-on test automation tools for quite some time and there have been many enterprises looking to select the right automation tool for their testing requirements.
Let’s have a detailed discussion on how
Regression testing means we develop an application and test it to check whether its functions are working fine. Now, we make changes to it and again we need to test to check whether the functions are still working perfectly in addition to those new changes.

We all know this definition of regression testing and frankly speaking, we are completely thorough with its basic strategy and execution.
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Parallella is going to change the way that computers are made, and Adapteva offers you chance to join in on this revolution. Simply put, it’s a supercomputer for everyone. Basically, an energy-efficient computer built for processing complex software simultaneously and effectively. Real-time object tracking, holographic heads-up display, speech recognition will become even stronger and smart
Irrespective of how great your business idea is or how your e-commerce store may look and function, achieving your ROI goals majorly depends on the ease of transaction experienced by a customer. A payment gateway is a powerful way to ensure hassle-free payments and to reassure the visitors of your e-commerce store about your trustworthiness.

In short, a payment gateway is an e-commerce elemen
As we enter into a new year, many organizations are trying to spend their IT budgets for 2017 in the smartest way possible. While doing your research and taking a proactive approach to the proceedings is always important, the fact of the matter is that the single most important IT budgeting tip for 2017 is also an incredibly simple one.

Making the shift to workspaces within your organization
For decades, you were probably like just about every other business on the planet in terms of IT and your organization’s technology: reactive. You would invest heavily in a particular set of hardware or software, use it until it wasn’t quite getting you the results you needed and then repeat the process all over again. Times have changed and technology advances far too quickly to stay
Two factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. This technology makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to accounts, thus providing business owners with more security and peace of mind. In addition, two factor authentication is inexpensive and easy to use.

What is Two Factor Authentication?
Two factor authentication is a form of identity verificati
Over the last few years, cloud infrastructure has become one of the most important advancements in business operations. The Cloud is an excellent solution for many organizations, helping them maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Working closely with many CIOs and business owners, we’ve seen firsthand how companies have transformed, taking advantage of operational flexibility to
The word credit risk modelling often times is described as an all-encompassing financial default risks. Be it loan defaulter – where the borrower has not fulfilled his/her legal duties of repaying the debt as per contract, the risks associated to migration, these may arise due to internal or even external adverse drops in ratings, and then there are country based risks associated to financi
Banking is more than just financial transactions. The products and services offered by most banks include credit cards, financial investments, certificates of deposit, and loans for homes, vehicles, and businesses. When customers approach a banking institution for a simple deposit or withdrawal, it presents an opportunity to sell other revenue-producing services. Enter digital banking.

For su
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Content Marketing Institute:
 Content is an essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign. The Content Marketing Institute offers some of the best advice around in terms of how content can help your brand. From industry trends to best practices, their posts offer helpful advice on how to create the best strategies for your business and how your content marketing should play a r
As more and more enterprises are recognizing the importance of customer experience, a large number of revolutionary initiatives are being envisaged. Enterprises understand that to retain, attract new customers and to be in business they clearly need to transform and build an edge through outstanding customer service experience. Need for this exceptional customer experience is the utmost significa
Content, Processes, and their Integration
Enterprises look to extract maximum value from their processes and content. About 90 percent of all information exists in an unstructured format, and it continues to grow and elude organizations. If you fail to integrate content into your core business procedures such as plant maintenance, accounts payable, or purchasing, you only end up with labor-in
Traditional maps of customer journeys – the corporate world’s equivalent of the Old Masters, carefully composed, multilayered, and static – capture a moment of history. They tell us interesting things about the past but nothing about what might happen in the future.

The customer journey maps that companies are now plotting of are ones that help them anticipate need. Ideally,
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been regarded as the stuff of science-fiction movies. From self-driving cars to image classification and face recognition, AI has transformed machines into self-thinkers, replete with human-like intelligence and reasoning. Deep learning, a subset of AI, has allowed for several practical applications of AI in our daily lives. Gaming has been one of the foremost are
We are specializes in WordPress services. These platforms ensure that your website includes:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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