When it comes to team building activities for the workplace, organizations are sometimes at a loss—what team building activities to do?—even wondering what benefit team building activities actually have for their employees and for the workplace. Why is this?

Managers think team building activities are a waste of time. This is false; Team-building activities are at times less than
Employees who do not feel properly recognized are twice as likely to say they will quit within the next year.

Fortunately, companies can make a big difference by offering employee reward and recognition programs. These programs are usually not that expensive to implement or operate and can pay huge dividends in employee engagement and retention.

Here are a few tips for improving employee
While hiring managers and talent acquisition teams share a common goal – to hire the best people for their organization – they may not always see eye to eye.

80 percent of recruiters believe they have a “high” or “very high” understanding of the jobs for which they recruit, and 61 percent of hiring managers believe recruiters have at best a “low&rdqu
Version 4.0 is the latest major release of the Spring Framework and the first to fully support Java 8 features. You can still use Spring with older versions of Java, however, the minimum requirement has now been raised to Java SE 6. We have also taken the opportunity of a major release to remove many deprecated classes and methods.

Improved Getting Started Experience
If you are a Maven user y
Are you looking to be a more efficient and successful business? We know first hand that productivity is a major factor that could be holding your company back. One way to change this is by utilizing cloud computing. Cloud computing can increase productivity on many different levels – as a general concept and in the many different types of services it puts in the hands of SMBs at a charmingl
Moving towards leaner organizational design
Do you have organization redesign on your job list priorities for 2017?

Innovation is not restricted to technology. A business can innovate on how it is structured too
A static organization structure is a formidable foe of business growth. It is imperative to look at the existing structures to accelerate agility. As per a study by Mercer, 93% of
We all agree quality assurance (QA) and testing is critical, and we have stories of moments which proved this right! Let me share one from early in my career. I was part of an end-to-end testing team of a mission critical project – a new, omni-channel product launch for a financial services client. We documented, analyzed and understood the requirements in detail, developed the test strate
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